Karim Wasfi

Violin, Viola, & Cello

Available Friday

Karim Wasfi is a renowned cellist and conductor; he is the president and founder of Peace Through Art Global Foundation and serves as a Fellow at the Geneva Center for Security Policy. Coming with more than two decades of experience in cultural diplomacy, Karim uses unique music and sound approach for healing and cross cultural integration, deradicalization, prevention of tension, and counterterrorism. His innovative approach helped thousands of people in crisis areas to rise from violence, fear, and intimidation , to unleash their ability and find their creative and peaceful selves through music, sound and arts therapy.  Karim knows that healing and rebuilding inner and societal peace within terror affected communities proactively prevents future relapse to war and conflict. 
His work and initiatives have been widely covered by national and international media including BBC, CNN, New York times, Forbes among others, his YouTube videos playing music in the aftermath of explosions in Iraq went viral with more than 33 million viewers. 

In recognition for his transformative positive difference for the future of humanity and the world, Karim was awarded the 2015 Humanitarian of the year by the Arabian Global Business community, the 2016 Asia Game Changers Award by the Asia Society & The Rockefeller Foundation. 

Karim holds a BA in Physics and Philosophy from Cairo University and an MA in Music Technology and conducting from Indiana University School of Music - Bloomington.

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