Digital Pianos & Keyboards


We carry a range of fully-weighted, 88-key digital pianos, which provide a smaller alternative to an acoustic piano without sacrificing the feel and sound of one. Digital Pianos also have a number of alternate sounds you can choose from, like electric piano, harpsichord, orchestral strings, etc. Our pianos have anywhere from 10 to 300+ alternate sounds from which to choose. Additionally, all digital pianos come equipped with headphone jacks, allowing for practicing late into the night or in a crowded apartment building without disturbing one's neighbors.

We do also carry non-weighted and semi-weighted keyboards that generally have a range of 61- or 76-keys. These lightweight alternatives to a full Digital Piano may not have the same feel as an acoustic piano, but they make for it in their portability and high number of built-in alternate sounds (usually 300+). The brands of Digital Pianos and Keyboards we carry currently are:

Digital Pianos

  • Roland

  • Yamaha

  • Dexibell


  • Yamaha