Rental rates

Rental LogosWe rent top quality student level instruments on a month to month basis. The instruments are cleaned and checked thoroughly between all rentals, and come with everything you need to get started. There is no minimum commitment, and there are no cancellation fees. When you're done playing the instrument, simply return it.

Fee Structure

Instrument typeBase fee Insurance*TaxTotal
All instruments except saxophone and cello $25 $5 $1.44 $31.44
Alto saxophone $39 $15 $2.24 $56.24
Cello $49 $15 $2.82 $66.82
Tenor saxophone $59 $15 $3.54 $77.54
*Insurance covers problems that arise through normal wear and tear - problems that arise from negligence and abuse are not covered.

Rent-to-own Every instrument we rent is part of our rent-to-own program. The entire base rental fee goes towards the purchase price of the instrument. If you want to purchase your rental instrument, call us at any time. We will apply the rental credit towards the purchase price of the instrument you are renting or a step-up model.


Flute (standard and curved neck) Armstrong and Jupiter
Clarinet Leblanc and Jupiter
Alto Saxophone Cannonball, Selmer, Jupiter
Tenor Saxophone Cannonball, Selmer, Jupiter
Trumpet Bach, King, Blessing, Vito, Schmidt
Trombone King and Jupiter
Snare/Bell Kit Ludwig and Mapex
Violin (1/16th through full sizes) Glaesel and Amati

Scherl & Roth


Maple Leaf