Introducing Vivo Digital Pianos by Dexibell

We are very excited to announce the addition of Vivo digital pianos by Dexibell to our line of pianos! We were blown away by both the audio quality and the feel of these incredible instruments at their debut at this year's NAMM show.

Apart from the stunning visuals these pianos will offer to any home, Dexibell exceeds expectations across the board, which is just music to our ears.

Dexibell has introduced a line of pianos offering one of the most powerful processors on the market, allowing for almost unlimited polyphony and a truly "acoustic" experience.

Our first shipment will be arriving this week. We will be anxiously waiting them at the door. Come experience the magic of Dexibell pianos, only here at Middle C! 

The keys begin. The keys end. They are not infinite, they. They are 88. You are infinite.
— Alessandro Baricco